Recruitment Process

Maxfield Search & Selection aims to make your interview process as smooth as possible from the moment you initial contact and then throughout your career our aim is to builda long term relationship with you.

Building from our own experience we provide you with constructive advice and information, openly discuss your career aspirations and goals and make sure they are achievable. Ensuring complete confidentiality throughout the process, making sure you are comfortable we are acting in your best interest. Our consultants will ALWAYS seek your consent before making any introductions and prior to releasing your details to any clients.

Our consultants specialise in specific market sectors and differing levels of seniority. So whether you are a junior analyst or Global lead, you will be talking to a consultant who specifically understands your market and your specialised area of expertise.

A recruitment process usually involves:

  • An initial meeting to discuss your current career situation, understanding your career aspirations and short term goals, discussing your market with you to identify suitable opportunities that match your experience and expectations
  • Producing your CV in a professionally formatted package.
  • Presenting your profile to prospective employers who are specifically looking to hire professionals with your background.
  • Arranging interviews with clients at convenient times, and providing detailed corporate information.
  • Advising you on the interview process and giving you information on the people you will be meeting.
  • Providing you with feedback after all interviews.
  • Achieving the best remuneration package for you.
  • Advising you on the best course of action and coaching you through your resignation.