Job Profile

Job Title: QSA Security Specialist

location: UK

remuneration: £Competitive

employment type:

Job Overview:

QSA certified Security Specialist, must be driven to ensure clients are compliant with PCI DSS requirements. Must have experience in a multitude of business sectors with the dominant areas for engagement being Government and Commercial. Experience must be demonstrated as a Qualified Security Assessor in at least the above 2 sectors. In addition experience is required in pre and post sales environment.

Main Responsibilites

Formal assessment, gap assessment and remediation support of Client Compliance activities, particularly those clients that are preparing for formal assessment.

Secondary includes Security Architecture Design, to provide a protected Client Environment.

Deployment post sales in providing Integration of Managed Security Suite . In addition tuning in an environment that requires optimised policies or similar environment.


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Computer Forensics (Learning Tree) : Applied
  • Ethical Hacking (Learning Tree) : Applied
  • Web Server Securtiy (Learning Tree) : Applied
  • Open Systems Security : Applied
  • X.500 Directory Services : Applied
  • Prince Project Planning : Applied
  • X.25 Communications : Applied
  • Presentation Skills : Applied
  • Certified in Security Assessor for PCI DSS
  • Certified in information Systems Security Professional (CSSIP)
  • Certified in ISS Certified Specialist
  • English: Fluent

Secondary Speciality Skills

  • Security Assessments
  • Network Security Consulting
  • Security Architecture Design
  • Security product deployment
  • Policy Tuning
  • Incident Response
  • Event Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Mandatory Access Control Systems
  • Secure Multi-level Operating Systems
  • Training Course Delivery
  • Vulnerability Assessments

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