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Maxfield Search - Terms of Business

1. These Terms and Conditions describe the terms upon which Maxfield Search and Selection ("Maxfield"), acting as an Employment Agency conducts its business with the Client. In this case “Client" means all and any Person or Firm or associate thereof or any Company, Authority, Organisation or any subsidiary or Associate thereof whether in the US, UK or abroad and to whom a candidate is introduced by Maxfield directly or indirectly.

2. These Terms apply to the exclusion of and shall prevail in all respects over all and any other Terms and no variation shall be made without prior written consent of a Director of Maxfield.

3. The interviewing, engagement, or hire of any candidate introduced by Maxfield to the Client, whether on a permanent or temporary basis shall automatically constitute acceptance of these Terms by the Client.

4. Maxfield does not seek or take up references, unless requested to do so, but endeavours to ensure the suitability of any candidate introduced to the Client. Maxfield accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss that may arise as a result of an introduction of a candidate to the Client. In particular, whilst Maxfield takes reasonable steps to ensure that a candidate is suitable for the position offered by a Client, no liability shall attach to Maxfield for any loss of any nature suffered by a Client in the event of any dishonesty, incapacity (whether mental or physical) or detrimental conduct on the part of the candidate.

5. Introductions are confidential and personal to each Client. If anyone introduced by Maxfield to the Client is introduced by the Client to another employer without the consent of Maxfield and this results in an engagement within twelve months whether permanent or temporary or if the Client subsequently engages the candidate within the period of twelve months from the date of introduction for any reason, then the Client shall pay to Maxfield an introduction fee calculated at the rate payable of the candidates first year basic salary as per the payment schedule in clause 13.

6. The Client shall notify Maxfield immediately on the occurrence of any event (including engaging a permanent or temporary candidate) which might give rise to an obligation on such client to pay fees pursuant to these terms, and shall provide immediately on request all relevant information to enable the appropriate sum due to be invoiced.

7. Any amendments or additions to these agreed Terms must be mutually agreed in writing.

8. In the event of a candidate leaving the Client's employ within twelve weeks of commencement, the Client will be credited with a refund equivalent to 1/12th of the fee for each complete week not worked during the guarantee period of twelve weeks, provided that Maxfield are notified in writing within seven days of termination of the employment and the invoice for the fee has been paid in full within 30 days of the date of the fee invoice. No refunds are applicable in the case of redundancy.

9. These Terms shall be construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. As part of this agreement all data held is governed by our Privacy Policy under the basis of legitimate business interest. Full Policy Accessible at: www.maxfieldsearch.co.uk/information/privacypolicy)

10. Any undisputed fees or payments due to Maxfield shall be paid within 28 days of the relevant invoice. Maxfield reserves the right to charge interest on any amount outstanding after this period up to and including the day of payment at a rate of 1% above the prevailing base rate of Barclays Bank Plc.

11. The fees payable by the Client to Maxfield in respect of each candidate are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

12. Due to the varying nature of the assignments, any retainer fee will be agreed, prior to the commencement of the assignment on a case by case basis

13. The recruitment fee becomes due when a candidate referred or introduced by Maxfield commences employment or engagement with the Client. The recruitment fee will be 25% of the candidate's first year total guaranteed salary to be paid in full within 30 days of the date of the fee invoice.

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